Fan For Asus TUF Gaming A15, F15, A17 F17 FX505, FX506, FX505GE, FX505GD, FX505GM, FX505DT, FX705DT, FX86FE, FX86FM, FX86SM, FX566 CPU & GPU Cooling Fan Cooler

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  • Product Code: CFAN0298
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  • Compatible With
  • Asus TUF Gaming (2020) A15 FA506 FA506IV FA506IU TUF506IV TUF506IU F15 FX506 FX506LI FX506LU FX566LH Series
  • GTX 1650/1650ti/1660ti/RTX 2060
  • FX505, FX505D, FX505DU, FX505DY, FX505DD, FX505GT, FX505DT, FX505GD, FX505GE, FX505GM, FX505GU, FX505DV, FX705D, FX705G, FX705DT, FX705DD
  • Asus TUF 6 ROG Plus FX86, FX86F, FX86FE, FX86FM, FX86FS, FX86GM, FX86SM, FX86GS, FX95D, FX95G, ZX86F, ZX86, FZ86F, A15, FA506I, FA506IV, FA506II, FA506IH, A17 FA706, FA706II, FA706IU
  • FX506, FA506, FX706, FA706, FX505, FX505D, FX505DT, FA506, FX506, FX506LU, FX705, FX705DU, FX705G, FA506 IV, FA506IU, FA506IH, FX506 IU, FX506LH Series
  • ASUS TUF FX505 FX505D FX505DT FX506 FA506 FX706 FA706 FX506LU FX705 FX705G FX705DU FX86 ZX86 FX95 Series
  • ASUS TUF FX505DT FX505 FX505D FX505DD FA506 FX506LU FX705DU FX705DD FX705DT FX705G FX706 FA706 Series
  • ASUS TUF FX86 ZX86 FX86FE FX86SM FZ86F FX95 FX95G FX95D Series
  • ASUS TUF FX505 FA506 FX506 FX705 FX706 FA706, TUF FX86 ZX86 FZ86 FX95 Series
  • ASUS TUF Gaming A17 F17 FA706 IV FA706IU FA706IH FX706 FX706L FX706I FX706IV FX706IU FX706IH FX706II FX506L
  • Asus TUF Gaming FX506 FX506L FX506LI FX506LH FX506LU FA506IU FX706
  • 13NR00S0M09111
  • 13NR00S0M12111
  • 13NR00S0M10011
  • 13NR00S0M12011
  • 13NR0750T01011
  • 13NR00S0M11011
  • DFS5K12114262H-FMC9
  • DFS5K12304363H-FL8Q
  • DFS5K12114262H-FMCA
  • 1323-01AY0A2
  • 1323-01AX0A2
  • DQ5D577K002
  • DQ5D577K001
  • 1323-01AW0A2
  • 1323-018K0A2
  • DQ5D577K000
  • DFS5K12304363H FMC8 FM1U
  • DFS5K12304363H FMIU DFS5K12114262H FM1V
  • DFS5K221153718 FNCY FPD7 FP1T FPIT
  • DFS5K22B056738 EP FNCX
  • 13NR0750T01011 13NR0750T02011 13NR0600T04011 DC5V
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