Pin Board USB to SATA Hard Drive 800067 800069 800041 810012

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No Warranty:

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800067 800069 800041 810012 USB to SATA  Smart Adapter is designed for 

2060-810067-000 2060-810069-001 2060-800041-003 2060-810012-000 PCB.  No need any soldering.

To work with USB to SATA  Smart Adapter HDD firmware area, users need to unlock the firmware first.

Please read before purchasing:

  • These are just PCB (Printed Circuit Boards/Electronics Boards), not the whole HDD (Hard Disk Drive);
  • Most of the PCBs are secondhand. However, all boards have been fully tested before shipment;
  • All PCBs are used for data recovery/repair issues, there is no refund/exchange policy;
  • It is a buyer's responsibility to know if the board is adequate for his hard drive model;
  • In most cases, you should exchange the BIOS/Main Controller IC before you swap the hard drive PCB, to make the replacement board compatible with your HDD.
  • Hard drive failures are NOT always caused by PCB failure. We cannot guarantee your drive to be repaired by replacing the hard drive PCB;

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